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We believe that modern technologies create outstanding opportunities to deliver better product.  
Our mission is to add value for our customers by helping them achieve their desired level of innovations, digital technologies integration and competitors' differentiation.

Business locations

We are a large family of industry experts located in major cities worldwide. We are actively sharing  best experience and deep knowledge between us to provide better solutions to our customers.

New York
San francisco

Complex vision is our credo — in our case modern technologies are mixed with deep understanding of business targets and finance aspects.

About us

We believe that traditional management consulting delivery models belong to the past. The new wave of business services professionals is an integral component of the client’s organization, sharing the same values, going deep to unlock meaningful insights, and willing to act and take risks. 


We have experienced the growing pains of fast moving companies and we will work with your team to close any gaps and create a sustainable business model.

our key differentiators


Global access to talent


Competitive and risk-sharing compensation model


Creative, experienced and reliable team of developers and web designers


Fast and very economical implementation of technology and business services


Professionals with MBAs and
Ph.Ds from the top educational institutions in USA & Europe — 
Columbia and London
Business School


Big 4 alumni with extensive advisory and industry experience in hi-tech, bio-tech, and financial industries

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200 Aldersgate, London,
EC1A 4HD, United Kingdom


2-ya Roshchinskaya ul., 4
Moscow, 115191, Russia


We believe no need to become IT expert to survive 
in digital world. Just choose the right partner.

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